A Way to Know How Well an Engine Supports Features in CWL Spec (Check the Conformance Badges!)

Presenter: Tomoya Tanjo, National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo, Japan)

Session 2 (EMEA-APAC) Tuesday, February 9th 08:40 UTC

Summary: "For workflow users, there is a big challenge to choose appropriate workflow engines. Especially, it is important to see how well a workflow engine is conformant with the CWL specification to guarantee the portability of workflows between workflow engines. However, in the current situation, the only way to do that is to read the documents for each workflow engines.

This talk presents a conformance badges to show how well a given engine passes the conformance tests of CWL specification for each document class (e.g., CommandLineTool) and for each process requirement. Once developers of workflow engines provide them in their documents, users can easily see the overview of the supported and unsupported features. This talk also shows how developers provide these badges by using the official test suite. Finally, this talk briefly presents another topic that builds an ecosystem to collect and to utilize workflow metrics based on CWL-metrics."

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