Advancing Workflow Automation: Insights from Workflow Execution Service and the Common Workflow Language

Presenter: Tazro Ohta, Chiba University

Session 4 (Amsterdam / Online hybrid) Wednesday 15 May

The talk introduced Workflow Execution Service (WES), focusing on its role in automating bioinformatics data processing. It discussed WES’s similarity to platforms like Galaxy and its emphasis on workflow orientation. Developed with GA4GH standards, WES ensures reproducibility and enables the “code-to-data” approach for sensitive data protection. Sapporo, an implementation of WES, was presented as a portable, lightweight system supporting multiple workflow languages. Tools like Yevis and Tonkaz were introduced to enhance security and reproducibility. Yevis facilitates workflow registry maintenance, while Tonkaz compares workflow runs for consistency. The talk highlighted the importance of comparing workflow logs and output files for reproducibility assurance. Overall, the presentation emphasized WES’s significance in large-scale data analysis and introduced tools for workflow management and validation.

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