CWL-Airflow: Recent Updates & Changes

Presenter: Michael Kotliar (@obi_wan_kenobi), Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Session 1 (Americas-EMEA) Monday, February 8th 15:35 UTC

Summary: “CWL-Airflow is a Python package that adds support for CWL to the Apache Airflow pipeline manager. CWL-Airflow provides users with the features of a fully fledged pipeline manager and the ability to execute CWL workflows anywhere Airflow can run—from a laptop to a cluster or cloud environment. Addition of the CWL capability to Airflow has made it more convenient for scientific computing, in which the users are more interested in the flow of data than the tasks being executed. Using CWL specification for workflows descriptions increases their interoperability and guarantees reproducibility of conducted research studies.”

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