CWL as a Medium for Reproducible Analyses; and a Web-based CWL Authoring Tool

Presenter: Stephen Piccolo (@srp33), Brigham Young University

Session 1 (Americas-EMEA) Monday, February 8th 16:20 UTC

Summary: “In this talk, I describe my experiences as a CWL newbie and illustrate how CWL tools and workflows can be used to support reproducibility of research analyses. CWL is commonly used for computation- and data-intensive processing of large datasets. These tools and workflows may be applied to many datasets. However, another application of CWL is to encapsulate the logic for reproducing research analyses, including statistical analyses and generation of graphics for publication. I provide an example that illustrates this process for a differential gene-expression analysis. In addition, I introduce a Web-based application called ToolJig (GitHub - srp33/ToolJig: ToolJig: An app for building simplified Common Workflow Language tool and workflow descriptions) that facilitates creation of CWL documents for this purpose. I welcome your feedback.”

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