CWL Support in Galaxy: Challenges, Design Choices and Progress

Presenter: Marius van den Beek

Session 1 (Americas-EMEA) Monday, February 28th, 16:05 UTC

Summary: In this talk I will present the challenges, the design choices and the progress made towards supporting the execution of CWL tools and workflows in Galaxy. Galaxy is a web-based interactive data analysis platform that supports defining and executing workflows. Galaxy’s workflow format predates CWL and has never been formalized. Instead, new features were continually added, making it difficult to author Galaxy workflows outside of Galaxy’s user interface. Our ongoing work to support the CWL standard has driven the development of new Galaxy functionality and has led to the adoption of open standards and ontologies. CWL support in Galaxy will provide an attractive option for authoring, executing and exploring CWL tools, CWL workflows and their outputs. We also hope that bridging the Galaxy and CWL communities will lead to more opportunities for collaboration among domain-scientists and tool and workflow authors.

Slides: CWL support in Galaxy.pdf - Google Drive

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