Developing training material for teaching CWL and workflow thinking

Authors: Douglas Lowe, Anne Luesink, Gerard Capes, Celia W. G. van Gelder, Fotis E. Posomopoulos, Sarah Wait Zaraneck, Renato Alves, Toby Hodges, Hervé Ménager, Michael Crusoe

Session 1 (Americas-EMEA) Monday, February 28th, 15:30 UTC

Summary: We are developing new lessons for teaching workflow thinking and CWL to researchers. These start with an introductory lesson, teaching core workflow principles, and the basic CWL knowledge required for following these principles. Following this another lesson, covering more advanced workflow techniques and CWL usage will be developed. Each lesson is intended to fit into a 4 hour teaching session - and is intended to be suitable for online or in-person teaching, as well as self-guided learning. The material is being developed inline with Software Carpentry methods, focusing on the biosciences (but hopefully transferable to other domains too). We will be testing the introductory lesson during February for some small group teaching. In this presentation we will talk about the lesson design and material; the choices and compromises we have made in creating the material; what we have learnt from the small group teaching tests, and the future developments that will be made for this material based on these.

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Slides: CWL Tutorial - Software Carpentry - Google Slides

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