Homogenization Of Workflow Metadata Without Restriction And User Reeducation

Presenter: Adrian Zimmer

Session 1 (Americas-EMEA) Monday, February 28th, 16:25 UTC

Summary: The overarching goal of the DataPlant consortium is to enable collaborative research in plant biology according to the FAIR data principles. To achieve this, DataPLANT introduces the Annotated Research Context (ARC) which serves as a scaffold for managing research data including metadata as well as computational workflows. However, the availability of multiple metadata standards and more than 300 workflow systems renders workflow FAIRness a difficult task. DataPLANT has selected CWL as their single entry-point to describe workflow metadata, homogenizing the existing landscape. This choice allows to compose executable CWL workflows that are able to integrate other workflow systems. To illustrate the feasibility of integrating arbitrary workflow systems, a CWL workflow was created to execute a processing pipeline designed in Galaxy. This approach autogenerates CWL workflows from Galaxy metadata and is powered by the cwl-ts-auto library using TypeScript.

Slides: Zimmer_HomogenizationOfWorkflowMetadataWithoutRestrictionAndUserReeducation_Slides.pptx - Google Slides

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