Integrating Scientific Workflows into Services using Applications using CWL

Presenter: Branden Kappes

Schedule: Session 5 (Amsterdam / Online hybrid) Thursday 16 May, APAC-EMEA Friendly time

Stakeholders in scientific research assume both technical and non-technical roles as collectors, analysts, and consumers. Those tasked with data collection and curation assume a collector role. Adding to some of these, others assume an analyst role. And many, perhaps a vast majority, of those who rely on scientific research never themselves enter the lab or analyze the results on which they depend. CWL workflows simplify this separation of concerns. They allow analysts to access and use data without placing an additional demand on collectors, and they allow application developers–and therefore, consumers–to use the results of analyses without placing an additional demand on the analysts. We will present examples of a CWL-backed framework that spans the data lifecycle from collection through analysis, service creation, and application deployment.

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