JSON-Schemas for validating your CWL Code and CWL Code inputs

Presenter: Alexis Lucattini, University of Melbourne


Session 2 (Online only)
Thursday 9 May / Friday 10 May
APAC-Americas Friendly time

Session 3 (Amsterdam / Online hybrid)
Wednesday 15 May
APAC-EMEA Friendly time

How do you know if your inputs for a CWL workflow are valid without just running the workflow?
If you have access to your workflow, ‘cwltool –validate workflow.cwl input.json’ might be enough, what if you do not have easy access to the underlying workflow object?
What if you are submitting your input json to an API endpoint to run an analysis?
What if your workflow engine doesn’t validate your inputs before downloading terabytes of inputs? Only to fail hours later :frowning:
This could have been prevented if there was a JSON schema for the CWL workflow.
In this talk, we explore the benefits and challenges of JSON schemas, how we’re using JSON schemas for CWL workflows at UMCCR.
We also explore JSON Schema as a benefit for developers of CWL Workflows, since workflows themselves can be represented as JSON objects with their own requirements.

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To generate a json schema for your cwl workflow - checkout this PR for cwl-utils

Setting up instructions JSON Schema CWL for your IDE can be seen here - CWL Schema is now available on JSON Schema Store - Announcements - Common Workflow Language Discourse