LivePublication: Integrating live, distributed computational workflows with programmatic articles

Presenter: Augustus (Gus) Ellerm, University of Canterbury
Co-authors: Mark Gahegan, Ben Adams, Nelis Drost

Schedule: Session 5 (Amsterdam / Online hybrid) Thursday 16 May, APAC-EMEA Friendly time

As scientific discovery and experimentation become increasingly reliant on computational methods, the static nature of traditional publications renders them progressively fragmented and unreproducible. How can workflow automation tools, such as CWL and Globus, be leveraged to address these issues and potentially create a new, higher-value form of publication? LivePublication is a system for interfacing reactive, programmatic documents with live computational pipelines - creating a wholistic container that represents data, methods, results, and publications. Using LivePublication, semantic and provenance data are captured and encoded into RO-Crates, forming the basis for programmatic documents that can adapt to changes in results, methods, and custom rules. Repeated execution of the underlying workflow creates an actively updating publication - consistently describing the current state of an experiment. In this way, LivePublication enables a seamless pipeline from instruments, to computation, to publication.

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