Looking for travel assistance/sponsorship for ISMB/BOSC 2022

Hi all,

We had two Outreachy interns working on the wdl2cwl project [1], Dinithi Wickramaratne (Outreachy, 2021-05) and Dennis Chukwunta (Outreachy, 2021-12).

Their ISMB/BOSC [2] presentation for wdl2cwl was accepted :tada:, and now we want to give the opportunity to one of our Outreacy interns to attend this event in person, presenting their work and inviting more users to try wdl2cwl.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find a sponsor for the travel and accommodation costs for one of the interns (we have only one ISMB registration fee). If anyone knows a group or an organization that could help us with this travel assistance, please let us know replying here, or writing directly to me or Michael.

The Outreachy internship gives a unique opportunity for underrepresented people to learn and collaborate working on Open Source projects. You can read more about it at https://www.outreachy.org/. We are sure this will be a unique opportunity for our interns to learn and grow both professionally and personally, complementing their Outreachy internship.

Thanks in advance,


[1] GitHub - common-workflow-lab/wdl-cwl-translator: A translator from WDL to CWL v1.2
[2] OBF ยป BOSC 2022 ยป BOSC 2022