Publishing CWL Workflows: Workflows for Publishing Workflows, The GigaScience Experience

Presenter: Scott Edmunds @ScottBGI , GigaScience
Session 3 (APAC-Americas) Wednesday, February 10th 00:50 UTC

Summary: “The final part of any research workflow is dissemination, and the current scientific publishing workflows for doing this are not designed sharing for digital research objects such as data, software and workflows. For nearly a decade GigaScience has been publishing data, software and a growing number of workflow papers, and since 2019 CWL workflows have been a growing part of the mix. Here we present our experiences publishing these workflows, and present a new XML-only publishing workflow that is being designed from scratch to publish more dynamic research objects for a new journal called GigaByte. Providing a good opportunity us to ask the question if you could redesign the scientific publication for sharing CWL workflows what would it look like?”

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Questions raised by Scott in the end:

If you could redesign the publication for CWL, what would it look like?

  • Useful to include Objet Bundles of the workflow in GigaDB?
  • Useful to embed CWL Viewer in papers?
  • If we discard the packaging what should we focus on?
  • We push OSI, but is there a license we should recommend for CWL workflows?
  • Should we automate parts of peer review (e.g. “certificates of executability”)?
  • How do we make this a cross-publisher standard?