Salad Goes Rusty: Expanding the Horizons of CWL

Presenter: Giuseppe Eletto, University of Turin

Schedule: Session 3 (Amsterdam / Online hybrid) Wednesday 15 May, APAC-EMEA Friendly time

In this talk we will present the integration of Rust into the world of Schema Salad.
The adoption of Rust not only improves security and performance in data manipulation, but also opens up new perspectives for the development of complex workflows through efficient memory management and strong typing. The core of this extension is to provide developers with the tools to build robust, high-performance applications that can handle data flows more securely and efficiently.
We will discuss how a Rust API can help the CWL community, allowing developers to build faster, safer, and more reliable workflow systems.
All the code will be made public on GitHub and on, the Rust community’s crate registry.

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