Sapporo: An Implementation Of Workflow Execution Service

Presenter: Tazro Ohta (@inutano), Database Center for Life Science

Session 2 (EMEA-APAC) Tuesday, February 9th 07:20 UTC

Summary: “Sapporo is an open-source implementation of Workflow Execution Service (WES), the Global Alliance for Genetics and Health (GA4GH) standard. Sapporo has two components: Sapporo-service (GitHub - ddbj/SAPPORO-service: Implementation of a GA4GH workflow execution service that can easily support various workflow runners.) provides an API server that accepts the request to run a CWL workflow, and Sapporo-web (GitHub - ddbj/SAPPORO-web: Web base management system for GA4GH WES) provides a browser-based GUI to control the workflow runs on the WES API. This video provides a live demo to show how to deploy Sapporo-service via docker-compose and run a workflow via command line and the Sapporo-web GUI hosted on github pages (sapporo-web - sapporo-web). The tutorial document can be found on github pages (Sapporo: Getting Started | SAPPORO). We would like to hear your opinion, and welcome your contribution to the project.”

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