Use of CWL workflows in the SILICOFCM project - Practical Experiences

Presenter: Miloš Ivanović
Authors: Miloš Ivanović, Andreja Živić, Nikolaos Tachos, George Gois, Nenad Filipović, and Dimitrios I. Fotiadis

Session 2 (EMEA-APAC) Wednesday, March 2nd, 07:05 UTC

Summary: We present experiences from building, CWL usage, and cloudification of the in-silico research platform SilicoFCM, an innovative in-silico clinical trials’ solution for the design and functional optimization of whole heart performance and monitoring effectiveness of pharmacological treatment, with the aim to reduce the animal studies and the human clinical trials. The primary aim of the cloudification was to prove portability, improve scalability and reduce a long-term infrastructure costs. The most computationally expensive part of the platform, the asynchronous workflow manager built on top of TOOL, was successfully ported to AWS. We carried out benchmarks on three distinct workflows, each of them having different resource requirements. The first benchmark was pure performance of running workflows sequentially. The aim of the second test was to stress-test the underlying infrastructure by running multiple workflows simultaneously. The results are promising, painting the infrastructure overhead almost negligible in this kind of heavy computational use-case.

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