Can't find asdf python installation

I am trying to create a python command line tool file for cwl-runner and I have installed python using asdf and thus the biary is located in ~/.asdf/bin, but everytime I execute the tool I get

unknown command: python. Perhaps you have to reshim?

Running python on the command line itself works fine and asdf reshim didn’t make any change.
Is there some interaction between those programs that prevents python to be found?

I’m not familiar with asdf but in general cwltool tries to create an isolated environment as much as possible, which means it does not inherit environment variables by default, but if there are environment variables that are required for your installation you could try running with --preserve-environment.

Hmm… I tried cwltool --preserve-entire-environment as well as cwltool --preserve-environment PATH --preserve-environment ASDF_DIR but still the outcome is the same