`cwl-runner` when installing `cwltool` via conda

I installed cwltool in a conda environment, using mamba install cwltool -c conda-forge.
It seems there’s no way to install cwl-runner via conda, am I right?

What is the best way to go in order to add this possibility? Adding an entrypoint to cwl-runner here?
Or using the cwlref-runner from here?

It looks like the package is misnamed on Conda Forge:
The package name has an underscore rather than a hypen.

There’s also this package: Cwlref Runner :: Anaconda.org

I installed this as follows (on Windows):

mamba create -n cwl -c conda-forge cwltool cwl_runner
mamba activate cwl
cwltool --version
C:\Users\myusername\Miniconda3\envs\cwl\Scripts\cwltool 3.0.20210319143721
cwl-runner --version
C:\Users\myusername\Miniconda3\envs\cwl\Scripts\cwl-runner 3.0.20210319143721

FYI, cwltool no longer supports running under MS Windows. Please install using WSL2 to get a much newer and better version of cwltool: https://github.com/common-workflow-language/cwltool#ms-windows-users