Cwltool as module - Factory with provenance

Hello! I use cwltool as a python module and I use the factory method. But now I want also to use the provenance features and I haven’t seen any factory to do that. How I can do that? From the main function, I saw the setup provenance function. So is a factory like this one ok? For simple use case that I tried it looks ok

class FactoryWithProvenance(Factory):
    """Load CWL documents & enable Provenance for the execution"""

    def __init__(self, executor: Optional[JobExecutor] = None, loading_context: Optional[LoadingContext] = None,
                 runtime_context: Optional[RuntimeContext] = None) -> None:
        """Easy way to load a CWL document for execution."""
        super().__init__(executor, loading_context, runtime_context)
        make_fs_access = self.runtime_context.make_fs_access \
            if self.runtime_context.make_fs_access is not None else StdFsAccess
        ro = ResearchObject(
        self.runtime_context.research_obj = ro
        log_file_io = ro.open_log_file_for_activity(ro.engine_uuid)
        prov_log_handler = logging.StreamHandler(cast(IO[str], log_file_io))

        _logger.debug("[provenance] Logging to %s", log_file_io)

Thank you