dxCompiler for CWL

This might not be the best location for this question but I am exhausting all options. I am trying to convert CWL to DNAnexus workflow applet with dxCompiler. However with my workflow I am getting below error.

This is workflow: analysis-workflows/somatic_exome.cwl at e7e888df9e7d44f036c4c7985e474016ee9e6525 · genome/analysis-workflows · GitHub
The error is for the first type: labelled_file.yml

[error] Error creating translator for /Users/****/****/UKBB/analysis-workflows/definitions/pipelines/CH_exome_Final2.cwl
java.lang.RuntimeException: missing definition for schema file:///Users/****/****/UKBB/analysis-workflows/definitions/types/labelled_file.yml#labelled_file
	at dx.cwl.CwlType$.inner$1(CwlType.scala:117)
	at dx.cwl.CwlType$.translate(CwlType.scala:137)
	at dx.cwl.CwlArray$.translate(CwlType.scala:451)