Error: Duplicate keys not allowed

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to run (geoweaver_cwl-usecases/kenya-crop-mask-geoweaver-main 2 at main · amrutakale08/geoweaver_cwl-usecases · GitHub ) a workflow on a terminal with the command (cwl-runner wokflow.cwl input.yml).

I have previously run this workflow and it was running fine. However, I am recently trying to rerun this workflow and facing an error.

which says:

**ERROR** I'm sorry, I couldn't load this CWL file, try again with --debug for more information.

The error was: while constructing a mapping

in "file:///Users/amrutakale/geoweaver_cwl_usecases/kenya-crop-mask-geoweaver-main%202/workflow.cwl", line 15, column 3

found duplicate key "scripts_export" with value "ordereddict([('run', 'elementary_cwl_files/scripts_export.cwl'), ('in', ordereddict([('reference_file', 'reference')])), ('out', [])])" (original value: "ordereddict([('run', 'elementary_cwl_files/scripts_export.cwl'), ('in', ordereddict([('reference_file', 'reference')])), ('out', [])])")

in "file:///Users/amrutakale/geoweaver_cwl_usecases/kenya-crop-mask-geoweaver-main%202/workflow.cwl", line 195, column 3

To suppress this check see:

Duplicate keys will become an error in future releases and are errors

by default when using the new API.

I would really appreciate your assistance to fix this error.
Thanks in advance!

Hello @amruta_kale ; the generated workflow contains two steps with the same name (line 15 & 195, as pointed out by the error message).

You’ll need to rename or remove one of the steps.