ERROR Tool definition failed validation

ERROR Tool definition failed validation:
The CWL reference runner no longer supports pre CWL v1.0 documents. Supported versions are:
v1.1.0-dev1 (with --enable-dev flag only)
v1.2.0-dev1 (with --enable-dev flag only)
v1.2.0-dev2 (with --enable-dev flag only)
v1.2.0-dev3 (with --enable-dev flag only)
v1.2.0-dev4 (with --enable-dev flag only)
v1.2.0-dev5 (with --enable-dev flag only)

my cwltool:
Name: cwltool
Version: 3.1.20211004060744
Summary: Common workflow language reference implementation
Home-page: GitHub - common-workflow-language/cwltool: Common Workflow Language reference implementation
Author: Common workflow language working group
License: UNKNOWN
Location: /home/jlee110/anaconda3/lib/python3.8/site-packages
Requires: typing-extensions, argcomplete, requests, prov, rdflib, bagit, schema-salad, coloredlogs, setuptools, mypy-extensions, shellescape, ruamel.yaml, pydot, psutil
Required-by: cwlref-runner

Hello @J_L

Does your CWL document have the mandatory cwlVersion field? What is the value?