How to specify a list of directory in InputWorkDirRequirement

Hi, I am running in the following issue. I have a list of directory that I would like to modify as input.
To do so I add them in the InputWorkDirRequirement but for some reason it only works for a single directory.

This is my cwl workflow
class: CommandLineTool
cwlVersion: v1.1
id: test_multiple_dir_input
- /bin/bash
- id: msin
type: ‘Directory[]’
- id: std_out
type: File
glob: test_multiple_dir_input.log

label: test_multiple_dir_input
  - class: DockerRequirement
    dockerPull: 'lofareosc/prefactor:HBAcalibrator'
  - class: InitialWorkDirRequirement
      - entry: $(inputs.msin)
        writable: true
      - entryname:
        entry: | 
          ls -lR
          rm test1/dude.txt
  - class: InlineJavascriptRequirement
stdout: test_multiple_dir_input.log

and this is my input file

    "msin": [{"class": "Directory", "path":"test1"}, {"class": "Directory", "path":"test2"}]

the directory listing is the following:

[15:10:07] mmancini:multiple_folders $ ls -lR test1 test2  
total 0
-rw-rw-r-- 1 mmancini mmancini 0 Feb 22 15:10 dude.txt

total 0

This is obviously a minimum snippet to recreate the problem.

To execute the workflow I am using cwltool with version 3.0.20210124104916

Not sure if its exactly the same problem but this sounds kinda similar to the issue I was having here;

You might be able to modify the solutions there to stage a directory of directories