How to use cwljava to generate CWL files

Hello, I’m currently working on a tool made in Java called APE. We wish to add a feature which allows generating CWL files. I was told I could use the cwljava library for this. However, I am having difficulty to figure out how to use it. I have been unable to find documentation on how to use the library for this purpose.

I was hoping someone could help me by pointing me to the right direction, or possibly even give example code on how to use it.

Welcome @KoenHav ! Thanks for your question. Alas, writing/serializing the cwljava objects has yet to be implemented: see Improve Java Code Generation · Issue #303 · common-workflow-language/schema_salad · GitHub under " Other Java Plumbing Tasks"

If you’d like to implement that, we can help you.

Thank you for the response! Unfortunately we do not have the time to help implement that at the moment. We are going to look for another way to implement the features we need.

Maybe we will be able to contribute in the future.