Proper syntax for type paths


If we have a type definition

- $import: ../tools/Trimmomatic/trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml

should the type usage be

    type: ../tools/Trimmomatic/trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml#end_mode


    type: trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml#end_mode

i.e. do we have to use the same relative path for the usage as the import?

If the type definition is

- $import: ./trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml

Should the type definition be

    type: trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml#end_mode


    type: ./trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml#end_mode

i.e. Should the path match, or should the exact string match?


From the CWL discussion of 2020.02.11 the answer is that the path in the $import and type are internally normalized.

So $import: foo/bar.yaml can be referenced by

type: foo/bar.yaml#name or

type: ./foo/bar.yaml#name

Something to try:

 trimmomatic: ../tools/Trimmomatic/trimmomatic-end_mode.yaml#
type: trimmomatic:end_mode