Specifying custom hints for specific workflow engines

On a similar theme to Using schema.org attributes to define compatible workflow engines, ICAv2 has three options for its scratch storage space (small, medium and large), (1.2 Tb, 2.4 Tb or 7.2 Tb respectively). The scratch space is specified when creating the workflow definition but can be overridden at runtime.

Is there a way to specify in the hints of the workflow definition the appropriate scratch storage size needed?

I don’t expect this to be picked up by ICAv2 when uploading a workflow, but there would be a couple of use cases for this:

  1. A new user would be able to use this information when manually generating a CWL pipeline in ICAv2.
  2. An automation system would be able to scrape that information from a workflow when creating an CWL ICAv2 pipeline.
  3. An automation system would be able to tag the workflow is a specific ICAv2 scratch space size for documentation purposes.